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Getting Caught / Italian Edition

Price: € 5.90

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Graffiti culture has been well chronicled, but its history has never been told, not like this actually! Italian edition of the homonymous little volume, Getting Caught will make you 'discover' graffiti-writing from a different point of view, short-story's one; graffiti, literature, at the end they're all letters...

Akay has traced out, chased and interviewed all the people involved in these crimes and got the raw materials for the short-stories, while Rae used every storytelling trick to develop their details (for the better) just to recreate always a true story. And so Getting Caught is a selection of some of the most legendary moments for the graffiti annuals of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. The book features the happenings of people who are out night after night, without looking for trouble but often ending up to be in a pickle - a collection of stories (no less than 24, short and not so short ones) regarding doing dumb things, taking flight and almost winning the day.

Cherry on top of the Italian edition, the b/w illustrations by Francesco Barbieri and his urban-railway scenarios.



PRICE: €: 5,90
Pages: 127
Format: 10 x 15
Language: Italian
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-88-97640-04-2