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Glorious Attitude Cook

Price: € 19.90

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There's no glory without attitude.

That's why ATTITUDE is the next project from GLORIOUS series, renewed in its format as well as in its theme: infact it will be a monographic book documenting, one by one, the skills of the most iconic veterans from Italian trainbombing world. First in the list of the GLORIOUS ATTITUDE special books will be the anarchic master Cook from his ML'S family, representing since '94, with a massive range of his unique 'multistyled' panels.

As for this first one, every release of GLORIOUS ATTITUDE will be enriched by the anecdotes and materials of the writer themselves plus the ones of their 'colleagues', re-creating a sort of visual diary of pure, true graff-mania!

GLORIOUS ATTITUDE will focus on the best Italian trainstalkers, publishing exclusive contents as to take its audience by the hand to accompany it in yard within its kings. In a trip from which you won't desire to come back!


Pages: 208
Format: 16,8 x 23
Language: Italian/English
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-88-976400-2-8