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Kings of Green 1.0+Glorious Vol.2, at last the two catalogues together, even with more pages, this year 258 pp., each catalogue complemented by the other one... outlining the first edition. And here the formula, which made them the most sought-after products in this field, has been now again confirmed: only the best subways, trains and walls with tag, flop, bombing and hall of fame.

The project Kings of Green is even more structured, enriched with new works of Bred, Brus, Ciufs, Daygo, Dien, Fre, Haker, Howen, Jago, Just, Longway, Moe, Mosone, Nore, Norma, Pencil, Punes, Ryo, Runa, Rusty, Simba, Smart, Torbi, Trota and Zeus40. The catalogue is fully edited by the Roman photographer Ilario “Seb” Cardoni and is completed by an introduction which gives evidence of the Capital’s places in which he works... It ends with never-ending contributions in Glorious Vol.2 in which, besides the second part of his special, focus on Haker and Zoow, Bucarest report, you can find also “Muralex”, a project carried out with people convicted in the famous prison of Rebibbia. The whole work is embellished with fine paper and a cd-rom containing videos.

As usual, writing in its purest form!

Pages: 84 + 174
Size: 22 x 24,5 cm
Languages: Italian/English
Publishing year: 2010
Produced in: Italy
Multimedia CD enclosed
ISBN: 978-88-904178-6-3