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WTP Catalogue / GLORIOUS 1.4

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Glorious Booklet 1.4 is Whole Train Press' anti-crisis offer featuring all the latest international news from the graffiti world; so it shows unedited contents tied as much as the trainbombing as to all its 'collateral influences'.
In the first issue, the lettering-artwork by the Germans of JBCB (JukeBoxCowBoys), the exclusive pics from PUBLIC DOMAIN / Tunnel Issue (cured by A.Caputo), besides the focus dedicated to NY's Blade - aka the 'King of Graf' - who had his solo-show at Galleria Varsi, then a foretaste from the first of the Glorious ATTITUDE monographies - this one's dedicated to the mad master Cook from the ML'S family - besides the 'Mirror Portraits' snapshots by Luca Natan Giacosa, or Fra32 (next guest of Glorious ATTITUDE) who brings us back to the genuine trainbombing origins, plus the pages showing Runa who set South America on fire and the gift by Black Blog through its tasty 'porno-graffiti' collage!
Glorious Booklet 1.4 is a homage with any purchase from Whole Train Press or free in the best graff-shops... don't miss the 'newspaper of the yards'!


PRICE: €: 1,90 // $: 2,95
Pages: 32
Format: 23 x 33
Language: English
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-88-97640-03-5