“Graffiti a New York” is one of the first books ever on graffiti, published by Andrea Nelli in 1978, now reissued by Whole Train Press and edited by the author of “All City Writers” Andrea Caputo.
The new edition is a re-editation of the original text which is considered precious documentary material based on the recovery of amazing images that are in the style of that time and focused both on subjects and on the first tags in Manhattan Heights.”It was the early ’70s, trains were covered with graffiti. Andrea Nelli began to take photographs being intrigued by these compositions and managed to get in touch with different cliques of writers who introduced him to the street side of New York.” On the occasion of the presentation of “Graffiti a New York” Ritmo will host “A day on the bench”: a photographic exhibition based on the book that brings to life the Big Apple of the early 70’s through the snapshots of a day spent on the subway platform. A sensational photographic film that shows the very first evolution of the movement that now has flooded the whole planet.

Graffiti a New York

20 September 2013

Vinyl set by: Tommyboy

START: 19.00


27 September 2013

Independent cultural space
Via Grotte Bianche, 62
Catania Italy 95129




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