WHOLE TRAIN PRESS is an editorial project by the publishing company GLOBCOM. It’s an independent publishing house, with a unique liberal voice giving a lot of visibility to the world of WRITING, which at the moment is almost non-existent, or kept to the side by the publishing market. It places Modern Urban poetry under the spotlight, along with it’s interpreters, and it can be considered a tangible contribution to the restitution of adequate spaces for the representation of an artistic expression which is continually expanding on the International Scene.

WHOLE TRAIN PRESS above all wants to establish on behalf of the overflowing writers’ community, a mirror in order to observe the reflection of the intrinsic value of a culture that is lived on the front lines. With the journals and magazines within the sector, WHOLE TRAIN PRESS has established productions with a high quality, with format and contents deemed particular, within which the richness in depth articles and themes accompanied by an in depth framework.
WHOLE TRAIN PRESS is also a web site which offers special contents, media and publications in free editions.



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