The walls of Leoncavallo bring with them a long story made up of movements, ideas and developments. And that’s why these walls will return in May to speak, creating a new story and a new phase today, but continuous with the past that we have behind us.

Every weekend in May, by Watteau you recolor to kick off, from 25 to three days of “EGO”, shows and meetings with artists, illustrators and printers. Three days of new or established projects to promote and give space to a movement that does not need galleries and museums, but that has always spoken for itself.

It is the exposure of screen printing and production artists organized by the collective born at the screen printing of Leoncavallo.

An exhibition where you can speak and meet directly with those who live the art and produces independently. They will meet people who have witnessed complementary steps to the music, when the DIY and the desire to really set off from below, keeping very far from the market.

But you can also meet people who screen printing and the auto made it a profession, becoming today a world reference points of a way of making art.

There will also be workshops and experiences born recently and are proving to be worth being able to compare with those who have already traveled the road.

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