Wall Passion Vol.2 / 8 to 10 June 2012 Fabriano Italy

“Three hundred meters of the wall for six international artists, these are the numbers of what will be June 9, the Wall Passion vol.2, meeting street art and culture from the bottom promoted for the second consecutive year the festival starts again in collaboration with the ‘ Ass Yard Ideas and CSA Blacksmiths of Fabriano. After its success in the city with the performance of last year thanks to intervention in station area including those at work and Ericailcane Blue to name a few, on this occasion six artists of the contemporary street art will compete to develop a pictorial contribution of large-format, all on a single wall over 300 meters long. invited artists (108, Aris, Eleuro, Giorgio Bartocci, Run and Five UFOs) will kick off the wall Courses of Lambert Street at the railroad underpass towards Moscano sneaking in a work collective mural, to be followed by other operations with names of the national scene and that you may observe the work in September when there will be the sixth edition of Riparte Festival. From 14:30 to Saturday, June 9 appresteranno artists to finish their works and will be accompanied by DJ sets and music stands flanked by self-productions.
Wall Passion tries to approach this event with a national at the phenomenon of street art by proposing a live painting of three days open to the public, during which everyone can watch the artists at work in restoring color to a degradation in the area of their city. The festival stems from the awareness of the possibilities inherent in street art as a means of communication unconventional and urges that this may become true mode of regeneration of urban areas, creating new relationships between people and their territory. developing forms of this type of bond is in fact possible to bring new people to an active comparator on the contemporary, all combined to ‘exploration of a new art scene as the street art. ”


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